Working on something new!

Work In Progress / 21 July 2020

What have I been up to? Well, I've been working on a personal project that has a story, spooks, and is a small horror game! I'm doing it in a style that I really like (lofi pixel graphics). Special shout out to "The Haunted PS1" game dev community that I am a part of! And I'm having alot of fun doing the game design. But since I am an environment artist, I wanted to challenge my art skills too. The pixel post processing can be used on handpainted or pbr assets. So I'll have 2 versions. One that is the lofi-style (the one I'll ship with), and then I'll have a non-pixel, high-fi version of the space for myself. 

Here's a test I did:

This model & texture that I made.

Same model & texture under the post process. I quite like the effect!

Now to polish model & texture the environment.

I was going to take it the handpainted route, but then decided to expand my skills and learn the current state of (stylized) PBR! And where do I start? With wood, ofcourse.

I downloaded the trial version of the latest version of Substance Designer (since my owned copy is......years old), and created one texture of many that I'll need. I'm actually double dipping and using the textures for this space too. haha. This is the scene where the main part of my game will take place.

That's all for now!

- Azaraen (Esther)